Basement Waterproofing in Newmarket

Everything You Need to Know

Newmarket Basement Waterproofing is an award-winning waterproofing service in Newmarket, Ontario. We are dedicated to helping home and business owners protect their property through permanent and affordable waterproofing solutions. Thanks to decades of collective experience and knowledge, we provide waterproofing that exceeds customer expectations.
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Newmarket Basement Waterproofing supports you from start to finish. We fully commit ourselves to each project to ensure you get the solutions you need. Whether that means testing the soil, filling in cracks, or repairing a sagging crawl space, our team of specialists will do whatever it takes to stabilize your property.
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Signs You Need Waterproofing

Proactive maintenance and repair make all the difference when it comes to waterproofing. That requires home and business owners to be diligent about recognizing the warning signs. Letting potential problems fester is a guaranteed way to have significant foundational issues in the future.
The most common cause of water problems is poor drainage. Restricted water flow can cause water to collect in the window wells. It can also cause leaks in the basement, and excessive moisture in the soil. You may even notice your concrete walls beginning to sweat water as the moisture condenses inside your house.

Our Process

The first step is to survey and diagnose the property. We take the time to evaluate the structural integrity of the home and its features while getting input about your observations and experiences. By taking the time to analyze the situation, Newmarket Basement Waterproofing can develop an effective and efficient plan of attack.
Ultimately, our goal is to provide customers with the best possible solutions at affordable prices. We make a concerted effort to walk each homeowner through our plans so that they can understand every step of the process. The emphasis on open communication and transparency are just two of the reasons so many people in Newmarket choose us for all their waterproofing needs.
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Our Solutions

Each house is unique and therefore requires a distinct solution. Some of our more common services involve sump pump installation. However, the first step is typically interior and exterior waterproofing, which fixes unwanted points of entry while providing a protective barrier around the basement.
As mentioned, Newmarket Basement Waterproofing offers sump pumps as another layer of defense against water accumulation. This device ejects excess water safely away from the home to keep your basement and crawl space dry. Some of our other services include backwater valve installation, foundation repair, and polyjacking.

3 Tips for Saving on Your Basement Waterproofing Needs

To keep the cost of waterproofing services for your basement within an affordable range there are some things homeowners throughout Newmarket can do. Some tips that have produced the best results include:
Waterproofing Keypoint number 1

Contacting a professional basement waterproofing contractor to complete your services.

These contractors can provide you with the latest information and carry the highest degree of knowledge related to basement waterproofing needs encountered throughout the area. These experts are also more likely to stand behind their work and products to ensure you receive the results you deserve.

Waterproofing Keypoint Number 2

Install a waterproofing membrane on the outside of your basement.

This membrane aids in preventing water from penetrating your foundation walls. This type of system draws the water an area located below the foundation where it can then be drained away properly without ever entering the home.

Contact a basement waterproofing contractor immediately when moisture is noticed.

Whether the moisture is seeping in through cracks or outdated foundation walls that are in place, the sooner you act on getting the waterproofing solutions completed, you will find that you save time and money in the long run.

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Waterproofing You Can Trust

Our goal is to create customers for life. That is why we go above and beyond in waterproofing to ensure you have the best experience possible. We work hard to earn your trust through honesty, timeliness, transparency, and service.
Discover the difference Newmarket Basement Waterproofing can make for your home today. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation with one of our waterproofing experts. We will give you the information and confidence you need at a price you love.

Foundation Repair Newmarket

Do you need a foundation repair, but don’t know who to call? Basement Waterproofing Newmarket is the solution to your problem. Call us today!

If you see cracks on walls, stairs, or floors in your property, it may be due to foundation failure.

Your safety is our priority at Basement Waterproofing Newmarket. Our foundation repair professionals in Newmarket, ON can inspect your home and fix the damage to keep your home safe. 

Take a look at our customer reviews to see why we’re the foundation repair Newmarket residents rely on.

Reasons Your House Foundation Is Weak

Several reasons could lead to foundation deterioration:

  • Excessive moisture (signs of algae and mould)
  • Changes in the soil
  • Poor construction
  • Low drainage
  • Termites

At Basement Waterproofing Newmarket, we have the best repair engineers for home foundation, dedicated to delivering professional services at competitive rates. Our experienced team will use top-notch equipment to repair your foundation cracks and make sure your home foundation is strong and sturdy. We also do concrete, beam, and pier repairs.

Want to know more about us? Call our team for more information or a free quote.

Enjoy First-Class Service

At Basement Waterproofing Newmarket, we take pride in the work we do and the service we provide. When you hire us for foundation repair, you’ll get a team of professional and knowledgeable technicians. We use the best tools to inspect and repair the damage, and only high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting results.

Let Basement Waterproofing Newmarket provide the foundation you need to make your property safe for you and your family. Call us today at (289) 803-6688 to schedule an inspection and learn more about the foundation repair services we offer in Newmarket, ON.